A Weirdo’s Podcast Starter Pack

I love a good podcast. It’s like having interesting people in your house that have interesting stories and you don’t have to interact with them or contribute to the conversation.  Podcasts do not care how many classes of Rose or gin and tonics I’ve had, Podcasts don’t care where I take them, and if I get bored of one, there’s always another in the pipe.

My podcast love affair started with This American Life hosted by Ira Glass, and one day I thought “I wonder if there is a less intellectually stimulating version of this”.  And off I went.  Over the last few years I have a few tiers of podcasts:  the ones that I check every now and again, and ones that I subscribe to, and the ones a binge hard on.  These are the binge worthy ones, people.

  1.  The Bitch Bible
  • How do I love thee Bitch, let me cunt the ways.  Jackie Schimmel’s blog turned podcast spoke to me right from her confessional in the bathroom stall at temple (read 4 star hotel in southern California) during Rosh Hashanah.  A fellow lover of the Real Housewives and Bachelor Nation, her reviews of the shows are creative and unique with out coming off as forced or pretentious.  And that’s just the tip the sequined, martini sipping iceberg.

2.  How Did This Get Made

  • Have you ever seen a movie and wondered who the hell green lighted this plot hole riddled polished turd?  Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Sheer, and, June Diane Raphael- who you might recognize from The League and Grace and Frankie- recap, review, and reveal all things terrible inexplicable movies.  You’ll actually know who their guests are, and their live shows have a little extra bonus with audience participation.

3.  My Favorite Murder

  • Do you have a favorite true crime murder?  Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark have 29 weeks and counting of two true murders a week, and each week has a theme.  I love a good theme, especially patricide cannibalism.  They also have a great Twitter and Instagram account for your lurking enjoyment.  If you have a hometown murder, they want to hear about it and they might share it on the show.  You’ll feel like your hanging out with your two weirdest girlfriends telling you stories that only the fabulous and weird will appreciate.

4.  Straight Up With Stassi

  • THIS. IS. EVERYTHING.  Don’t let the blonde hair and reality star status fool you, Stassi Schroeder is indeed a fabulous weirdo.  Homegirl was in the market for a murder house in Los Angeles.  Her obsessions with aliens, murder, and a great manicure make for an interesting and varied podcast with guests that generally include her main friend and family base.  She talks about getting drunk and nearly arrested at Disney Land with her mom, and has a conversation with her best friend about alien regression genealogy.  If the podcast isn’t enough for you, catch her on Vanderpump Rules on Bravo (or Hulu Plus if you’re a plebe like me).

5.  Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine

  • We’re gonna take a left turn into the nerdy side of things.  Being a nurse, I have a genuine interest in what the fuck people thought, and still think, are legit medical.  Sometimes, they’ll cover a person in history, but mostly they’ll dissect different cure-alls that have been popular through the ages.  Justin McElroy and Dr. Sydnee McElroy have a great banter, she being a real doctor and he being a real podcaster.  It’s a great mildly interesting ear wig, that will get you to LOL once or twice while doing dishes or putting away laundry.

6.  Lizard People

  • If you love conspiracy theories held together by shoe strings and explained by people that don’t actually believe them, Lizard People is the podcast for you.  From Katy Perry actually being JonBenet Ramsey to The Bealtes being made up of clones, Katelyn Hempstead and her friends explain conspiracy theories that you never knew you needed to know about.

7.  Astonishing Legends

  • Spooky first hand accounts, morbid history, and explanations of the creepy paranormal, Astonishing Legends will send a shiver up your spine and leaving you feeling a little smarter.  I highly recommend listening to the episode “Shadow People” driving alone at night in the middle of no where or in your basement with the lights off.

8.  Faculty of Horror

  • Bitches be smart, bitches make you feel smart.  Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West are two super smart weirdos that will help you get your nerd on with an academic look at horror films, and unlike lectures in college, you won’t get the urge to whip out the old iPhone and start scrolling Pinterest.  They take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.  You’ll feel like a strong independent female who don’t need NO man to fight off the zombies.  On that note, here’s a fun game:  take a shot whenever they say the word “problematic”.

9.  SexyFit

  • Sometimes in order to feel fabulous, a weirdo likes to tighten it up.  Zlata Sushchik will CHANGE YOUR DAMN LIFE by walking you through how to track by macro nutrients instead of calories, have you hear from some fabulous guests with intriguing back stories, and tell you about her crazy journey from being Miss Teen Alaska, to fitness competitor, to bad lady boss who will help you change your body and your outlook.  We may be weird, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be SexyFit while letting our freak flag fly.

10. Welcome to Night Vale

  • The piece de resistance.  The weird of weird.  The most fabulous radio host and his adorable scientist boyfriend and the little desert town he loves.  Welcome to Night Vale.  Actual five headed dragons, a dog park that you’re not supposed to acknowledge, hooded figures, a vaguely menacing government agency.  I can’t.  I love.  Cecil’s calm pleasant voice will guide you through the on goings of this little town and make you want to move there ASAP.  You’ll be creeped out and in love.  At the end of the first season you’ll be glad to know that there is a sketchy faceless old woman that lives in your house, and she’s running for mayor.

All of the podcasts on the Fabulous Weirdo’s Podcast Starter pack are available on iTunes, Stitcher, or where ever you get your pods.   All of them are free of charge too.  I have never actually encountered a whole podcast series that costs money…but I hear they’re out there.  Just avoid them.  The best things in life are free.

Happy listening.  Stay fabulous, stay weird.

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